09 AquaPolish® HS – High speed coating

BIOGRUND’s one-step film coating system AquaPolish® HS provides a protective and fast soluble film on tablets, pellets, granules and capsules. AquaPolish® HS is a combination of film-forming polymer METHOCEL™ Premium VLV with plasticizing and colouring additives. The very low viscosity of HPMC enables high solid content dispersions for high speed productivity.

It is a homogeneous, dry-milled, powdered compound, developed for the coating of all kinds of solid dosage forms. It is easily soluble and a reproducible high-quality film coating can be guaranteed. Clear, white and coloured preparations can be tailor-made according to customer requirements.

In cooperation with DowWolff Cellulosics and Weimer Pharma we have proven that AquaPolish® HS is able to speed up your production. It can be applied by using conventional or modern coating equipment.

Regulatory and quality aspects:
All AquaPolish® HS formulations are developed to meet the official regulatory requirements of the user’s country for pharmaceutical products and for nutritional or dietary supplements.