10 AquaPolish® ME – Microencapsulation

BIOGRUND’s one-step coating system AquaPolish® ME provides a microencapsulating coating for actives, particles, granules, oil or flavours. The microencapsulating polymer is a selected modified starch combined with  plasticizers and other additives – pigments can be added if required. It’s a unique, dry milled, homogeneous blend which protects your product!

AquaPolish® ME has been developed to protect micro particles from environmental influences like air, light and moisture. Especially active pharmaceutical ingredients which are sensitive to oxidation or evaporating flavours benefit from this microencapsulation product. It is easily soluble and a reproducible high-quality coating can be guaranteed.

The technique of microencapsulation depends of course on the physical and chemical properties of the material to be encapsulated. But AquaPolish® ME can be easily used in fluid bed or spray drying systems.

As a result your microencapsulated substance gets an isolating shell and good flowing properties for an easy further processing.

Regulatory and quality aspects:
All AquaPolish® ME formulations are developed to meet the official regulatory requirements of the user’s country for pharmaceutical products
and for nutritional or dietary supplements.