24 CompactCel® LUB – dry binder & lubricant

An easy to use tableting agent which acts as dry binder and lubricant? Why not!

BIOGRUND’s one-step binding agent CompactCel® LUB combines the properties of a dry binder and lubricant. It’s a micronized and homogeneous powder compound of Hydroxypropylcellulose (HPC), oil, wax and vegetable rice extract.

When tableting processes are required it is always a challenge to find the right amount of lubricant for the blended powder formulation. By using a lubricant too rarely it may cause punch filming during the compaction in the tableting
machine. By using too much lubricant it could decrease the tablet hardness or increase the tablet disintegration times. These effects occur particularly when magnesium stearate is used.

Therefore, the micronized CompactCel® LUB is formulated with ingredients which prevent these side effects. The HPC gives the required hardness to the tablet. Oil, wax and rice extract guarantee a good lubrication without influencing the requirements of the tablet. A fluent compression process will be achieved.

For direct compression process BIOGRUND recommends using 0,5–2% CompactCel® LUB within the core formulation to achieve best results. Just add it to the powder compound shortly before the tableting process. For the wet granulation process it has to be added after the granulation process.

CompactCel® LUB can be used for nutritional applications and is developed to meet the official regulatory requirements of the user’s country for nutritional or dietary supplements.