29 RetardCel® – Retard matrix

BIOGRUND’s one-step matrix agent RetardCel® provides an easy-to-use compound which retards the release of active ingredients.

RetardCel® forms a gel, through which the active ingredient diffuses. The use of NaCMC accelerates the gel-forming process, so the initial drug release is reduced.

The diffusion rate is affected by the cellulose ethers that are used. Mixtures with high viscous compounds form a hard gel; mixtures with low viscous compounds form a light gel, so the drug release rate can be easily adjusted.

RetardCel® can be used for direct compression and wet granulation. For direct compression, the active ingredient, excipients and RetardCel® should be mixed together in one step. For wet granulation, the active ingredient should be granulated first and then the granule (<400 μm) can easily be mixed with RetardCel®. BIOGRUND recommends using 10–30% within the tablet formulation.

Regulatory and quality aspects:
All RetardCel® formulations are developed to meet the official regulatory requirements of the user’s country for pharmaceutical products and for nutritional or dietary supplements.