07 AquaPolish® E – Enteric coating

BIOGRUND’s one-step film coating system AquaPolish® E provides a protective film with excellent enteric properties. And with its superior light, oxygen and moisture protection, it is recommended for tablets, pellets, capsules and granules.

AquaPolish® E is a combination of acrylic acid copolymer, colouring additives and additional excipients. It is a homogeneous, dry-milled, powdered compound, developed for the coating of all kinds of solid dosage forms.

The partially neutralized film-forming polymer makes the coating process cost effective because of the high amount of polymer in the ready-to-use compound. It is easily soluble in water, and a reproducible high-quality film coating is guaranteed. Clear, white and coloured preparations can be tailor-made according to customer requirements.

AquaPolish® E can be applied by using conventional or modern coating equipment.

Regulatory and quality aspects:
All AquaPolish® E formulations are developed to meet the official regulatory requirements of the user’s country for pharmaceutical products.