35 CompactCel® MAB – dry binder, moisture absorbent

Less humidity in your tabletting
mass? Why not!

BIOGRUND’s tabletting agent CompactCel® MAB provides an easy to use, micronized and homogeneous powder compound of silicon dioxide, calcium carbonate, microcrystalline cellulose and talc. The mixture acts as a decompaction dry binder.

Moisture absorbent additives are often needed in situations where hydrophilic active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) are processed. These kind of API’s (e.g. amino acids) absorb humidity from the ambient air. Therefore the particles of other ingredients in your tablet mass will stick to the API. Clumping inside the tabletting mass will lead to an inhomogeneity and fluctuations of the tablet hardness during the compaction process.

One approach to improve compaction process and prevent clumping in the tablet mass can be a reduction of the relative humidity. Adding CompactCel® MAB to the tabletting mass before the compaction process will break up the whole powder compound.

The use of silicon dioxide in the mixture improves free flowing properties. Its exceptional porosity gives a superior adsorptive capacity for increased stability by adsorbing surrounding liquids or moisture.

BIOGRUND recommends using 5–10% CompactCel® MAB within the core formulation to achieve best results. The product can be used for pharmaceutical and nutritional applications.

Regulatory and quality aspects:
All CompactCel® MAB formulations are developed to meet the official regulatory requirements of the user’s country for pharmaceutical products and for nutritional or dietary supplements.