Kaifeng Mingren

We are proud to inform that we have found a strong partner in Kaifeng Mingren


Kaifeng Mingren Pharmaceutical CO., LTD. was established in the year of 2005.
The company is specialized in research, manufacturing and sales of Human drugs and APIs, as well as Freeze-dried Power Injection.

Kaifeng Mingren Pharmaceutical CO., LTD. Is the only manufacture in Central China, which is mainly producing polypeptide products.

The most important products are:


Phloroglucinol Dihydrate

Phloroglucinol Anhydrous


Finished Products: 

Vidarabine Monophosphate for Injection
Amifostine for Injection
The company has their research department, being Zhengzhou Sunny Technology Co., Ltd., which has a strong research capacity.

Website: www.rhpharm.com