Medical devices

DQA has a very interesting and wide range of medical devices, we are proud to show them on your request.

One of our products is a very unique and successful product, being the Eye Cure Mask.
This product has been developed by a Dutch pharmaceutical company in cooperation with Dutch Eye Specialists and is especially for curing eye problems.
The Eye mask is a self-warming device by which eye problems can be treated in an easy and comfortable way.
This product is a more effective and patient-friendly alternative for the standard treatment.

The mask is usually used in case of:

– itchy, red or sticky irritating eyelids as a result of Belfaritis or MGD
– a Chalazion, a painless swelling of a sebaceous gland in the eyelid
– a hordeolum, a stye or pimple in the eyelid, a sebaceous gland infection, usually a red painful bump
– complaints as a result of an unstable eye film, such as dry, tired, irritated or burning eyes OR profuse watery eyes

For more information please see:

patient leaflet information
explanation Eye Cure
– Demonstration: video