BIOGRUND´s one-step film coating products to improve the film coating of tablets, capsules, granules and pellets. The broadest range of polymers can be used to find the optimal tailor-made solution.

Coating products:
Fast release – AquaPolish®
Moisture sealing – AquaPolish® MS
Enteric coating – AquaPolish® E
Nutritional enteric coating – BonuLac®
Flexible and adhesive coating – AquaPolish® PVA
Taste covering – AquaPolish® TC
Odour masking – AquaPolish® OM
Retard release coating – AquaPolish® R
High speed coating – AquaPolish® HS
Fast and shiny coating – AquaPolish® STA
Glossy coating – AquaPolish® G
Customer formulation – AquaPolish® C
Microencapsulation – AquaPolish® ME
Liquid coating system – BonuWet®
Anti-Sticking Agent – BonuWax®